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A magazine article featuring LA Techs, which talks about the types of smart home automation installation they do

Our Focus in 2024

Ventura Blvd Magazine Feature:
"Design Showcase"

LA Techs
Russell Gaskamp & Calvin Larsen
Sherman Oaks


The featured project is the concept known as “integration.”
State-of-the-art home integration combines the various technologies into a unified system, which is controlled via the user interface or dashboard, pictured in the main image. The dashboard is fully customizable to the user’s preferences, allowing the user to create a home technology experience that suits their needs.

What services do you offer?
Many clients come to us interested in one or two kinds of technology—a new
surveillance system, a simplified entertainment system, smart lights, etc. But home
technology doesn’t have to be an amalgamation of disconnected systems. The primary
service we provide is an integrated home technology system—different technologies
interwoven, controlled from a unified dashboard and tailored to the user’s preferences.

What is your favorite feature to include in a home office?
A dedicated video conferencing system. As everyone has learned over the last year,
video conferencing can cause headaches, especially when run from a laptop—WiFi
lags, awkward camera angles, poor audio quality, juggling different windows and
applications, the list goes on. A dedicated video conferencing system with high-quality
audio and video components can solve all of those issues.

I can only update one room in my home; which room should it be?
Whichever room you use most for entertainment. Whether it’s your living room, your
bedroom or a dedicated media room, it’s where you spend the majority of your
relaxation time, and we aim to make that time as relaxing and satisfying as possible. We
can tailor your entertainment system to provide the exact experience you want.

Have you changed the way you do business due to the pandemic? 
Aside from the preventive measures everyone is taking now, the biggest change has been
to what our clients need. Having reliable WiFi throughout a home is now incredibly important for both working and learning, as is having a great entertainment system for when the working and learning are done. In a stressful world, we see our role as making sure technology isn’t a source of stress.

What are some of your favorite features to include in outdoor rooms?
However an outdoor space is used—for entertaining, relaxation, time with family,
working out, meditation—an audio system can enhance that experience. There are so
many different ways an audio system can be implemented; it’s easily tailored to the
specific needs of each homeowner.

Tell us about your firm.
We’re a friends-and-family business. We first imagined the company when we were col-
lege roommates. As it grew, we staffed it with people we knew and trusted. The circum-
stances of the last years taught us the value of relationships—especially in-person interac-
tion. We’ve spent time getting to know clients, friends and neighbors better- understanding what would make their lives easier.

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