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The Hub of Home Automation: Exploring Control4 Remotes with LA Techs, Control4 Installer in Van Nuys

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Control4 Halo Remote Lineup
Control4 Halo Remote Lineup

When it comes to home automation, a remote control is the hub that seamlessly connects all the smart components in your home. Much like the conductor of an orchestra, a well-designed remote orchestrates various elements—be it lighting, media, or security—in perfect harmony. As a leading home automation company in LA, we specialize in Control4 automation systems, providing you with the ideal remote options tailored to your needs.

The Halo Family: Engineered for Next-Gen Interaction

The Halo Family of remotes—including the Halo, Halo Touch, and Control4 SR-260—serve as the perfect hand-held interfaces for complete home control. These remotes not only feel good in the hand but also feature an intuitive button layout designed for one-handed operation. As a certified Control4 installer, we can attest that these remotes offer enhanced features and customization that set them apart from their predecessors.

Control4 Halo Remote Touch Screen
Control4 Halo Remote, Elegant UI

Halo: The Evolution of the Everyday Remote

The Halo remote comes equipped with a full-color 2.8" non-touch LCD screen. It provides a graphical display of devices, media, favorites, automations, and menu options, easily accessible via a set of hard, backlit buttons. Moreover, Halo includes three hard custom buttons with digital labels and an innovative Color Shortcut button, offering quick access to red, green, blue, and yellow functionality.

Halo Touch: The Premium Remote, Perfected

Available in Black or Silver, the Halo Touch sports a brushed aluminum chassis and a redesigned UI that leverages a 3.2" capacitive touch LCD screen. The graphical touch interface allows you to browse and select devices and media effortlessly. Hard, backlit buttons complement the touch screen, offering immediate and reliable control even in the dark.

Control4 Halo Remote view of Buttons
Control4 Halo Remote

Voice Control: A Dynamic Duo

Voice functionality in the Halo Family of remotes is innovative, offering dynamic access to either Siri or Xfinity—the two most requested voice assistants. A new Voice button allows push-to-talk functionality, making it the perfect tool for Apple TV or Xfinity integration.

SR-260: The Time-Tested Choice

For those who prefer something more traditional, the Control4 SR-260 remote offers fast wake time and response. The button layout is designed for intuitive media control, even in the dark or with one hand. Unique features like an OLED display and custom buttons allow for a highly personalized experience.

Control4 Integrator in Van Nuys

The Halo remotes provide unparalleled customization. Digital labels on custom buttons and a Color Shortcut Button enable immediate functionality recognition. As a Control4 programmer and AV integrator near Van Nuys, we can customize these remotes to fit your unique needs.

User Tested, Installer Approved

Through rigorous testing and feedback, Control4 has developed a user interface that makes the Halo family of remotes user-friendly and highly customizable. The remotes not only offer a great experience for you as the user but also facilitate easy programming and installation for professionals.

Control4 Halo Remote Lineup
Control4 Installer in Van Nuys.


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