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Future-Proof Your AV with Samsung's Latest Offerings

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The world of electronics has advanced incredibly in just the last five years. Remember when a 55-inch 4K TV seemed like the epitome of luxury? Those days are behind us and ahead lay a future of immersive large format displays for our entertainment. For homeowners considering an upgrade, this is a great moment, especially with new releases as Samsung's latest 98-inch 8K QLED TV, model QN990C. Here are five key points to consider if you're thinking about giving your home a tech makeover.

Samsung's latest 98-inch 8K QLED TV, model QN990C.
Samsung's latest 98-inch 8K QLED TV, model QN990C.

The New 98-inch 8K QLED TV: QN990C

This 98-inch behemoth of a TV comes with Samsung’s Neural Quantum Processor, which employs AI-based formulas to upscale any content to an 8K resolution. Watch your favorites with 8K clarity, even if the content was made "just" for 4K. Additionally—Samsung has incorporated Dolby Atmos and Cinema Object Tracking Sound to offer a complete sensory experience. With a price tag of $39,999.00, it's an investment, but one that puts you far ahead of the curve.

The Complete Portfolio

If the QN990C seems a little too much for your living room, worry not. Samsung is also showcasing a range of other smart televisions, like The Terrace for outdoor settings and The Frame, which doubles as a piece of art. Whether it's the backyard or the living room, Samsung has a screen that fits.

A Charitable Matching Program

To round off its new offerings, Samsung also has a charitable matching program. If contributing to society while upgrading your home appeals to you, Samsung will match a portion of a custom installer’s volume incentive rebate as a donation to one of three organizations.

Improved Support with Dealer Service Portal

Better technology often requires better support, and Samsung has that covered too. The new Samsung Dealer Service Portal aims to streamline the installation and service process, ultimately making life easier for homeowners who opt for custom installations.

Simplified Custom Solutions with the Platinum Program

Samsung’s Platinum Program for dealers is designed to make it easier for installers to customize solutions based on your needs. In simple terms, your home can get a tailored tech makeover, suited precisely to your lifestyle and requirements.

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